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Lanell Chance
Tucker's Transmission takes pride in their workmanship and stand behind their job of repairing your transmission. They are honest and fair in their business and treat people with the upmost respect. Dan Tucker has spent many years training and learning about transmissions and keeps up to date on the latest technology. We have used them and been completely satisfied and do not hesitate referring others to them. Yes, the shop is every bit as clean as the pictures show. Once you try them, you will use no one else! Guaranteed!
Patty Rushing
Tucker's Transmission is the only shop I will take my vehicles! They have worked on every car I have ever owned! Honest and dependable people!
Edwin and Gladys Foots
Very satisfied customers. The best in town. I give 5 stars.
Michael Beene
I grew up in the used car business in Pine Bluff. My dad used Tucker Transmissions starting in 1986 and when I took over the family business in 1994 I continued to use Tuckers. We were always watching our cost and found out the hard way that getting a repair done right the first time was money well spent. Not having to take our vehicles back for secondary repairs kept our customers happy. I cannot tell you how many times I took a vehicle to Tuckers expecting to have a rebuild. Dan would call me a little while later telling me he had me ready to go, all was wrong was something very inexpensive. I think that says a lot about a mans character and integrity.
Joey Campbell
I just want to say that I've been knowing Dan personally since 2001 and before that I knew him by reading his posts and fixes on TRNW. I am in the transmission rebuilding industry myself and I kept thinking as I read his posts "wow...what a great down to earth technician and, man.. this guy really knows what he is talking about." Only after I met Dan did I realize just how true this really was. Dan's unique way of diagnosing problems is by far some of the most clever and forward thinking Ive ever encountered. And his true care for his customer's well being is second to none. Dan has helped me many many times when I've struggled with a problem of my own and usually with just a phone call to him I know just how to go about fixing the problem at hand. Also Dan is one of the most devout Christian individuals I've ever met and he carries that everywhere he goes. You only have to be around Dan for just a few minutes to realize this and he is an inspiration to everyone he meets.

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