About Us

Dan Tucker (Owner)

Dan has been employed at Tucker’s Transmission since 1972. Actually Dan has never worked anywhere but Tucker’s Transmission. Dan has a long list of achievements in the transmission industry. He is a certified ATRA Installer, Rebuilder, and Troubleshooting Technician. He is an active member of TRNW (Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide at TRNW.net), an Internet group of nearly 500 other transmission technicians worldwide. Dan’s troubleshooting and diagnostic skills are known and respected around the world. He has written a number of technical articles for the industries oldest transmission trade magazine Transmission Digest. He is also an associate TASC Force member for Sonnax Industries (Sonnax.com). This connects Tucker’s Transmission to some of the best transmission engineers in the USA to help them design and test the latest fixes. In Dan’s free time he enjoys going to church, hanging out with his wife Terri, participating online in the Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide, recreational farming, and waterskiing.

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